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Bob Siebenberg - Media

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Legendary producer / engineer Ken Scott and Supertramp drummer Bob Siebenberg discuss and demonstrate their work on the sample and groove library, EpiK DrumS: A Ken Scott Collection from Sonic Reality.

C´est Le Dip- Theme from "Giants In Our Own Room" (Solo Album)

Space Quest III - Game Theme

Don't Ever Let Go - Theme from "The Long Shot" (Solo Album)

EpiK DrumS demos (A Ken Scott Collection)
 Siebenberg demo
 Siebenberg LTA demo


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Glendale River - Bob Siebenberg - New Album on sale!

Download Glendale River Booklet - Free !

Glendale River

Glendale River - Bob Siebenberg

Third solo album of Supertramp drummer. To be listened to in the spirit in which it was made.
Genre: Rock, Pop
Release Date: 2015

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available on many sites UPDATED!!



Previous albums - MP3:

The Long Shot

The Long Shot - Bob Siebenberg

Encouraged by the acceptance of his first effort, Bob started developing plans for a second record.
Beginning in 1986, Bob started writing and assembling musicians to contribute to "The Long Shot".
Genre: Rock, Pop


Giants In Our Own Room

Giants In Our Own Room - Bob Siebenberg

Beginning in 1982, Bob assembled a list of musicians to contribute to his first solo project, "Giants in Our Own Room".
Genre: Rock, Pop
Release Date: 1985

Previous albums - CDs:

 PURCHASE CD - GIANTS IN OUR OWN ROOM - Complete album - Price 20 €* 

 PURCHASE CD - THE LONG SHOT - Complete album  - Price 20 €* 
 PURCHASE CD - AUTOGRAPHED THE LONG SHOT - Complete album  - Price 25 €*  



& THE LONG SHOT - Price 45 €*  

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