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2015 - Glendale River (solo record)

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1. Opening (1:14)
2. Glendale River (6:01)
3. Crazy In The Dark (5:04)
4. Paradise (7:08)
5. Jake (3:12)
6. Hometown Boy (5:04)
7. Massapequa (3:14)
8. New Laughs For Old (3:41)
9. Two Fools (3:54)
10. In My Dream (7:01)
11. To Shine On Endlessly (5:41)
12. Tribute (5:16)

The Glendale River is about the passing of time and the people that populated my life. The Glendale Boys.....Sons of the Verdugos. Bob and Scott and Ronnie and Derek. These were the guys I grew up getting high and dreaming with. I met Ronnie Reeves when I was 13. Scott when I was 16. Derek when I was 18. Of course I have known my son Jesse his whole life. Ronnie was our crazy diamond. Dead too soon. These songs were recorded in my studio, Unstable Studios, in Woodland Hills, and later when I moved to the Mountains, in my studio Even More Unstable Studios.

This music has been gleaned from the past and thru the miracle of tape baking and digital copies became workable again. Jesse and I tackled these tunes with care and respect. Because Jesse had grown up around all these people and had literally heard them being worked on thru the walls of his bedroom while only 8 or 9 years old, he inherited the vibe and sensibilities of all these guys. In moments of being totally pissed off with me while working on these songs Jesse would exclaim ‘Some of these f@%&ing songs were written before I was born!’ Pretty close to true. Jesse was born in ’76. Mass- apequa was written after I came off the road in ’76 and I stayed with Beauchemin.

And thank you to my daughter Victoria for once again pulling the art work together. She worked on the re-design of my first two albums and is now grown up and a successful pro talent. It´s a family affair. These are songs that I finally got old enough to sing. 

This is dedicated to my Grandparents, my folks, and these guys.

Produced by Bob Siebenberg and Jesse Siebenberg.
Jesse’s arrangements instrumentally transformed a lot of these tunes without damaging their spirit.

Mixed by Jason Mariani at Brotheryn Studios, Ojai, Calif.
All part of the Brotheryn Studios effort.

Artwork and Design by my loving daughter Victoria Schmitt
Photo Credits: Hal and Victoria Schmitt, Jane McGarigal and Alan Wild
Cover: From a drawing by Rick Davies