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1972 - Peter Straker - Private Parts

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I met Peter Bennett shortly after joining Bees Make Honey in late 1971. [See how these things work?] Peter Straker had been the lead in the London cast of HAIR. He was doing cabaret and was managed by MAM, a fairly powerful management agency in London.

Anyway, he liked the way I played after hearing me on a few of his cabaret shows and asked me to play on his record. It was the very first album I ever played on, and I cannot find a copy of it anywhere. Hence the blank spot on the page.

I was then asked to play in a show called "Mother Earth" again starring Peter Straker and amongst others an unknown up and comer named Tim Curry. This was the first time I had any musician's union hassles, being an American in London. When it was suggested they get another drummer, to remove the hassle, Peter threw a moody and "insisted" I do the gig. MAM, not wanting to upset their star, made a deal with the union.

They would pay me to do the show, and pay another drummer to not play the show. That way I wasn't putting an English drummer out of work. So this guy shows up every night and then splits to the pub! aaahh showbiz.