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1974 - Crime Of The Century

Posted in Discography

Obviously this was a great era for the band, and everything was pretty much brand new to me. We were still going out and doing gigs for survival money and I was getting to know everyone a lot better and vice versa.

It was certainly not a glamour era, with little, or no, cash flow. We were all living around different places. Rick lived in a room in London with about 8 other guys, John lived in Slough, and Dougie, Roger and myself were living at Roger's mom's house. We would come in to London to work on the record and then have to find a place to stay in London. Lots of couches and lots of floors were slept on while we made this record.

I would wake up, have breakfast somewhere, and hop on the bus to the studio. Pretty much the same as everyone else. It was around this time that I discovered what a lightweight drinker Roger was. We'd all go to the pub and order our manly pint of light and bitter. Except Roger. So, the order would be "4 pints of light and bitter, please, and [in somewhat muted tones] a snowball." Go on, do your homework folks, and find out what it is. It was great rumbling around in London. Great atmosphere, great streets to be walking around on, with no fear on the street. Remember, I was a California guy, fresh out of the L. A. blandout. I loved being in London.