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2002 - Slow Motion

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Before working on the album, Rick sent us some demos of the songs on it. Since he is a great drummer, I was very clear about how that instrument should sound on each piece. I started to rehearse them at home, introducing some variations as I thought best. I didn't decide about the sound of the drums on every track, but I did come up with several ideas. Between Rick and I there has always been great chemistry on a musical level, with his piano and my drums blending very well.

Obviously this album was a bit more jazz and rhythm and blues than the previous ones. Jazz is not my musical culture, and presumably I would have never been interested in it if I had not joined Supertramp. Rick and John, two great lovers of this type of music, were the ones who made me discover drummers like Art Blakey and Max Roach. Over time I have regretted not having played a little more jazz throughout my career, since I only did it in jam sessions.