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1980 - Phil Lynott - Solo in Soho

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Making this record was some of the most fun I 've ever had. I was pretty good friends with Phil because of Scott. Although I had jammed with Phil when he jumped up with the Bees a couple of times, before Scott joined Lizzy.

The Irish connection, you see. Phil invited me and my family to the Bahamas to work on his solo record. It was really just an excuse for a holiday in a cool place. I can't really remember, but I think it was 10 days. We did actually go to the studio at Compass Point everyday and work on the record, but you know what happens when you start having too much fun.

Made friends with Huey Lewis at these sessions. I had known of him and his band, Clover, in London. During a lull one day he asked us to help him demo out one of his new tunes, and did. This was January 1980. Several years later it surfaced as "workin' for a livin'" with his now new thing 'the News'. We had a great time. We would come back from the studio and hit the crap tables and I personally just lost money. In the end, I didn't get paid for the sessions, the management just paid my gambling debt.