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1997 - Some Things Never Change

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Since I released 'The Long Shot', I had been pretty cut off from the music business. The album was moderately successful, but not enough for the record company to support another one, so I continued to make music in my studio but without much enthusiasm. The best thing was that I was able to relax myself and focus on my family after so many years of non-stop working.

But suddenly I heard through the grapevine something was cooking in Supertramp, so I called the band's management to see what was going on and Rick phoned me a couple days later to lay it all out. In the end I drove to Los Angeles, sat with him, went through the plan and got all the info I was looking for.

I had a great time recording that album, and despite we hadn't played together for a long time, from the first rehearsal we experienced the same agreeable feeling as before.