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1985 - Giants in Our Own Room (solo record)

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Beginning in 1982, Bob assembled a list of musicians to contribute to his first solo project, "Giants in Our Own Room".

Released in 1985, Bob found moderate success but lots of interest in his solo work in Canada, and throughout the European marketplace. Never released in America, but imported, it had limited exposure.

Joining Bob on this record were Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy, Steve Ferris of Mister Mister, Procol Harum drummer B. J. Wilson, Kerry Hatch of Oingo Boingo and John Helliwell. An old friend, Derek Beauchemin joined in to co-write and play keyboards.

Bob Siebenberg - Keyboards, drums, percussion, vocals
Derek Beauchemin - Keyboards
B. J. Wilson - Drums (Good Man Down)
Baxter Robertson - Vocals
John Helliwell - Woodwinds
Scott Gorham - Guitars
Marty Walsh - Guitars
Steve Ferris - Guitar
Kerry Hatch - Bass
Kerry Morris - Bass
Richard Elliot - Sax
Scott Page - Sax and Flute
Fred Mandel - Synth Bass (Amnesia)
Background Vocals - Leslie Smith, Jay Bodean, Bob Siebenberg and Baxter Robertson

C'est le Dip
Strangers in Love
Hey Tori
Permanent Vacation
Crazy World
Token Jest
Corners (instrumental)
Good Man Down