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July 2024

Hello everyone,

Nice to be back in touch. Thank you all for the questions I've answered in this new interview.

I’m going to try and be a little more attentive to the page and post more consistently.

Life has been strange for the last three years or so, with our legal tussle with Roger. Extremely time-consuming and emotionally consuming. You may know the result of our efforts already. A shocking and bewildering experience.

My baseball life continues and is enjoyable as ever. We have several new young players coming in next year that we are excited about. Every year is different and that is the challenge that keeps me going back. I love the process of evaluating the talent, coaching them up with the other coaches, and then see how successful we can be. Can we draw their potential out of them?

Jesse and his family are well and thriving. Jesse is very busy and in demand. He is writing and working with some very high well known talent and is constantly in on the hop. I don’t recognize the music business anymore. Jesse has made the transition seamlessly to the now.

Tori is also well and happy and thriving with her four beautiful children. Her wine business has turned a corner and is making a larger mark in the marketplace. Soccer is the family pastime and also keeps everyone on the hop.

Gayle and I are well and happy, and feel blessed for what we have around us.

I have no news about Rick. I can only hope he is doing alright. I miss Rick.

Stay tuned. Thanks for your interest,


“GLENDALE RIVER”, Bob’s latest album, is on sale!


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Bob Siebenberg has finished his long-awaited third solo record, which is available for download. The album has been produced by Bob and his son Jesse, and it has counted on the collaboration of some old pals like Scott Gorham and Derek Beauchemin. “My idea for this album is auto-biographical”, says Bob. “The Glendale River is not a place. It represents people who have passed thru my life in a meaningful way. Family and friends, some with us, some not. I have strong ties to my growing up years. I’m a sentimentalist and I remember everything”.

Read this interview where Bob discusses his new album!

December 2023

Hello all... I would like to begin this communication with a heartfelt message of Happy Holidays to one and all. Another year has gone by and everyone is still standing. A miracle. 

June 2023

Hello everyone... May 27th marked 50 years since I attended my first rehearsal with Supertramp, and this nice video was made to commemorate this special anniversary.

December 2019

Hello all... Thanks everyone for the questions. You can read the interview here. I like it. I don't contribute that much to the page because I am running a pretty quiet but fulfilling life and I'm not so sure how interesting a monthly re-cap is.