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Bob Siebenberg has finished his long-awaited third solo record, which is available for download. The album has been produced by Bob and his son Jesse, and it has counted on the collaboration of some old pals like Scott Gorham and Derek Beauchemin. “My idea for this album is auto-biographical”, says Bob. “The Glendale River is not a place. It represents people who have passed thru my life in a meaningful way. Family and friends, some with us, some not. I have strong ties to my growing up years. I’m a sentimentalist and I remember everything”.

Read this interview where Bob discusses his new album!

August 2017

Hello everyone,

A few words about the departed Russel Pope...

He was part of the Supertramp family and effort before I was. I don’t know how long before me, but I think a while. Certainly long enough to have a good handle on the cast of characters and fill me in when I first came around.

He was bright, well spoken, forceful in conversation, committed, serious and more than a little zany. Beatles fan, John Lennon was his guy.

He was an absolute essential in all things Supertramp. The stage design was his idea, black curtains all around to focus on just the stage. He was a gear hound and made crucial relationships in what was then the early era of good PA’s and monitoring. 

He suggested Ken Scott as the guy to produce ‘Crime of the Century'. He helped Roger with his lyrics. He was part of every conversation about everything. He and Tony Shepherd and Ken Allardyce were virtually inseparable.

A complete conspiracy nut and a good friend to me. I haven’t seen much of him since the debacle of pre and post 1983.

I loved Russel and never contemplated a world without him. Lucky bastard... He’s finding out what’s next right now...


October 2016

Hello all... It’s been a busy couple of months for me. The band I play in with Jesse has been playing in a great variety of venues. We do a few fundraising shows among them being ‘Save The Wave’, a fantastic organization that puts a focus on activity that will spoil coastline use all over the world.

December 2015

Hello all... I am very pleased that many fans are enjoying my new album. I am especially pleased that they are recognizing the influences that have mattered to me for so long. I do continue to write songs and enjoy the process as much as I always have. I take my time and work on things when I feel like it.

June 2016

Hello everyone... Apologies again for the delay in writing something, but I’ve really been flying around. Let’s start with the baseball season. Our team did very well this year. We are a young team of very talented players. We had three players chosen to the All League First Team, two freshman and a sophomore.

August 2015

Hello everyone... I will assume we all know that it is true that the Supertramp Tour has been cancelled. The reason that has been reported is true: Rick is in ill health and must focus on getting well. My prayers are with Rick and Sue that Rick is a great responder to treatment and we all get the result we hope for.