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December 2023

Hello everyone,

I would like to begin this communication with a heartfelt message of Happy Holidays to one and all.

Another year has gone by and everyone is still standing. A miracle. My life continues to be full and active, and my wife Gayle joins me in wishing you all good health. She is well and happy, essential in all things. Our kids and grandkids, eight in all now, are well and thriving. They are a constant source of joy, and now age from 17 to 3 years. We are grateful and love them all.

I am still coaching high school varsity baseball. They will have to drag me off the field. I like being around these young men and hopefully bring a positive influence in their life. I love being able to instruct and deliver insight into the game. It’s a beautiful game. I also love the competition on game day. It gets the heart beating and head focusing. I don’t do well sitting at home. Coaching keeps me active mentally and physically. I know what I’m going to get up and do every day.

Todd Hannigan has moved away to just outside of Austin, Texas, and it has put a glaring hole in my live performance schedule. Anyway, I am always plugging away at new music. Again, I have several on the front and back burner.

That’s all for now. Thanks for your interest and til next time.

All the best for the New Year,


“GLENDALE RIVER”, Bob’s latest album, is on sale!


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Bob Siebenberg has finished his long-awaited third solo record, which is available for download. The album has been produced by Bob and his son Jesse, and it has counted on the collaboration of some old pals like Scott Gorham and Derek Beauchemin. “My idea for this album is auto-biographical”, says Bob. “The Glendale River is not a place. It represents people who have passed thru my life in a meaningful way. Family and friends, some with us, some not. I have strong ties to my growing up years. I’m a sentimentalist and I remember everything”.

Read this interview where Bob discusses his new album!

June 2023

Hello everyone... May 27th marked 50 years since I attended my first rehearsal with Supertramp, and this nice video was made to commemorate this special anniversary.

December 2019

Hello all... Thanks everyone for the questions. You can read the interview here. I like it. I don't contribute that much to the page because I am running a pretty quiet but fulfilling life and I'm not so sure how interesting a monthly re-cap is.