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1985 - Brother Where You Bound?

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When we started rehearsals for this album, I found it quite strange to see that there were only four musicians in that room, but then I realized that some things need to change in order to keep moving forward. After Roger's departure the waters were calmed within the band and we found a peacefulness that had been lost. Rick knew well what he wanted, and the others were very hopeful of continuing as a group under his sole leadership. Furthermore, before we even started working on the new record we had already prepared some songs by Rick which had been discarded from the previous album.

A part of the title track required such an electric guitar solo, and we couldn't find the right sound with Scott Gorham or Marty Walsh. Until someone said, 'Why don't we propose it to Gilmour himself?' So, even though we did not know him, we sent him a demo of the song and a few days later he called us and told us he'd be happy to play on the record. It was a great experience working with David, and we didn't have to worry about anything. He arrived at the studio accompanied by his sound tech and in just a couple of hours he was ready to start to play and provide his characteristic guitar sound.