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1988 - Live 88

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We were notified while we were on tour that we had been invited to play in Moscow with many other bands. Of course we agreed. Live broadcast. We waited for the day to arrive, but while we were in Paris at the Athene' we were informed that it would not be a live event. We would mime.

We had done our share of those big 'everybody mimes' events and would do more in the future. It was a bummer but we all sat down and talked about how to present ourselves in a not silly way while we mimed. We are aware that it's obvious in the instrumentation and especially the endings are when you feel silly when you play to the record.

Dougie and I presented an idea to the table. Norman Hall could record our live shows to a 2-track, and over several shows learn how to juggle getting it on tape without degrading the live sound. Instrumentation intact, correct endings. This was accepted as what we will do. Several shows down the line the gig got cancelled. We were told the Ministry of Culture got cold feet. Bummer. As Rick and Norman listened to the tapes Rick saw they sounded pretty dang good. It evolved into the Live '88 album.