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Bob Siebenberg - Complete Discography

1989 - The Long Shot (solo record)

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Encouraged by the acceptance of his first effort, Bob started developing plans for a second record. Beginning in 1986, Bob started writing and assembling musicians to contribute to "The Long Shot".

"The Long Shot" was released to the European marketplace in 1989, again achieving encouraging results, but never released in Canada or the U.S. Joining Bob and his writing partner Dennis O'Donnell on this project were Mark Hart, Brad Cole, John Helliwell, Marty Walsh, and again, Scott Gorham, on guitar, co-wrote one tune.

Bob Siebenberg - Keyboards, drums, percussion
Dennis O'Donnell - Lead vocals, background vocals
Scott Gorham - Guitars
John Helliwell - Sax
Reno Wilde - Lead vocals, background vocals
Marty Walsh - Guitars
Brad Cole - Keyboards and bass
Mark Hart - Guitars, keyboards
Mark Siebert - Additional Programming
Background Vocals - Elizabeth Lamers, Jay Cauley, Patricia O'Donnell-Rough

All songs written by Bob Siebenberg and Dennis O'Donnell
(Except "Mystery to Me" with Scott Gorham)

If Anyone
The Man Can Sing
Don't Ever Let Go
Matter of Time
Out of Nowhere
Mystery to Me
Half a Chance
The Son