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1973 - Bees Make Honey - Music Every Night

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Shortly after arriving in London I met some guys looking for a drummer after answering an ad in the Melody Maker. We talked about music and where they were at and they decided to give me a try.

They were good guys and a great hang and my first real experience with English guys. Well, they were all Irish except one. I played one gig with them and then never heard from them again. I lived in Ealing Broadway, as did Barry, the bass player. One evening as I was getting on the tube, Barry was getting off. I stopped him and asked why I hadn't heard back from him. He said everyone thought that I played good, but I was too loud. I told him that I wished he would have told me that, and that I could remedy that. Soon after he called, suggesting we try it again. I spent most of the day of the next gig tearing up and taping old underwear to the drums. I was their drummer for the next two and a half years.

It was a great band and I had a lot of fun with these guys. We worked continually, playing 5-6 nights a week. I look at it as the experience that really got me shaped up as a drummer. I'm not sure how much of Music Every Night I play on. The Bees recorded all the time and there was a brief time I quit the Bees to do "Mother Earth".

I'm sure I'm on most of it, but again I don't have this record either. By the time it saw the light of day, I was long gone with Supertramp.