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February 2023

Hello everyone,

Apologies for being away so long.

First, I can’t complain. Life is good, I have eight grandchildren all healthy and happy, and Jesse and Victoria are thriving.

I have been talking to Dougie and John much more that I used to and they send everyone their regards.

Baseball is in full swing and it takes most of my time. It keeps me active and healthy and makes me feel like I’m spending my time in a meaningful way. I love the time I spend with these young men. I learn a lot from them, and I pass on whatever wisdom and perspective I may have. I think it’s true they have never known someone with a background like mine. They ask me questions about the band all the time. Last year a few players wrote an article for their school paper on me. It was fun.

I have been spending some time on music and plan to post some when it’s ready. I don’t think I’ll make an album, I will just post the new stuff if it’s something I feel I would like to share. Some new some old. I promise. I need to remember to do these things. It’s too much trouble to try and deal with Spotify or on line sales. Although I thank everyone who has purchased my CD’s. "The Glendale River" is still my favorite collection.

In the near future I will be posting some excerpts from the book I’ve been writing for 12 years or so. It has gone thru many re-writes and choices for the scope of material. When it starts to get right down to it there is quite a lot of soul searching and anxiety. It will be controversial for some and will raise an eyebrow or two amongst many. So, again forgive me for this project also taking so long.

That’s all for now. I’d like to thank Abel and Juan for the time they put into maintaining this site for me.


December 2019

Hello all... Thanks everyone for the questions. You can read the interview here. I like it. I don't contribute that much to the page because I am running a pretty quiet but fulfilling life and I'm not so sure how interesting a monthly re-cap is.

May 2019

Hello everybody... So here’s the thing. You know I’m glad you are interested in what’s going on in my life and am grateful for you interest. I feel guilty for not writing more and I know it’s been a long time since I have written but here goes.

August 2017

Hello all... A few words about the departed Russel Pope. He was part of the Supertramp family and effort before I was. I don’t know how long before me, but I think a while. Certainly long enough to have a good handle on the cast of characters and fill me in when I first came around.

April 2017

Hello everyone... Here’s an extract taken from an early draft of a chapter in my book, "The Best Seat in the House". As reported before, I’m having some of it edited and then I’ll look for a publisher. I’ll be interested in the feedback. Many thanks.

October 2016

Hello all... It’s been a busy couple of months for me. The band I play in with Jesse has been playing in a great variety of venues. We do a few fundraising shows among them being ‘Save The Wave’, a fantastic organization that puts a focus on activity that will spoil coastline use all over the world.

June 2016

Hello everyone... Apologies again for the delay in writing something, but I’ve really been flying around. Let’s start with the baseball season. Our team did very well this year. We are a young team of very talented players. We had three players chosen to the All League First Team, two freshman and a sophomore.

December 2015

Hello all... I am very pleased that many fans are enjoying my new album. I am especially pleased that they are recognizing the influences that have mattered to me for so long. I do continue to write songs and enjoy the process as much as I always have. I take my time and work on things when I feel like it.