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FAQ Bob Siebenberg - Supertramp drummer

These are questions pulled from my e-mail. Many were asked by several of you. I am personally replying to all of you, but it takes time because there's more of you than I ever expected.


Will Supertramp tour again?

Well, after the 2010-2011 experience, I would hope yes. I thought we had a great show and everyone played well. I love hanging around with the guys and doing the gig. We’ll have to wait and see. Rick makes the call on this stuff. I thought it was too bad that it was marred with such controversy. Everybody digs the music.

How is my new album going?

Well, believe it or not, after all these years, I really am closing in on finishing.  I bought ProTools and baked a bunch of old tapes. Jesse has been helping me and that’s kind of what I needed.

What happened with The Legends Tour?

The Legends Tour a few of us are going to do is being rescheduled for April 2013. It will include John, Jesse, Cliff Hugo and myself.

Any news about the “Crime of the century” deluxe edition?

Thanks to all of you for asking about the release of the 'Crime' deluxe and super-deluxe packages. There were a few snags with the 5.1 for the Hammersmith film. Ken Scott is on schedule to finish it up shortly. Then it's in the hands of the record company.

What drums do I use, and how do I make them sound that way?

We spend a lot of time to make them sound that way. First, you have to have good sounding drums acoustically. If they don't sound good with no mikes, they won't sound good with mikes. I played Ludwig drums my whole career because I thought they were the best, and I had a great relationship with Bill Ludwig the 3rd. Several years ago Selmer bought Ludwig, and the care went out of the product. I also feel they mistreated Bill and his father. When we went into the studio to record ‘Some things never change’, I called upon an old friend in Los Angeles to hook me up with his best kit. His name is Ross Garfield, and he is known as The Drum Doctor. A service for hire. He looks after first class drummers and their equipment around the studio scene in Los Angeles. When we began he brought in what he considered to be his "A" kit and they were gretsch. I loved them, Rick loved them, and the engineer loved them. To go on tour I had gretsch make me a custom kit, unfinished. The Drum Doctor finished them for me and off we went. My snare drum is still an old Ludwig that I have played since 1977. It's a deep chrome super-sensitive. Thin clear head on the bottom and Ludwig ensemble coated on top. I tend to lean towards larger drums using a 24" bass drum, on the last tours. From '74-'79 i used a 26" bass drum. In '83 i used a 24". I went to smaller sizes in '85 and '88, and although I thought they sounded good, I didn't really dig it. It's hard to say how I get them to sound that way because it's in the ear and in the tuning. We work on them until we them to sound the way we want them. My cymbals are paiste. I lean towards larger cymbals as well. My main ride is a 22", main crash is a 20"... I use regal tip 2B sticks, wooden tip, so that's also putting a lot of wood on the drum. I should also mention that i've worked with great engineers, both live and in the studio. I'm pretty demanding with my drum techs, and have been fortunate to work with some great guys. So, all in all, it's a team effort, and when it works, it works.