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1980 - Paris

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By the time the 'Breakfast in America' tour started, the evolution of the group had been amazing in just six years. In the beginning we were all in a small van, and suddenly we were travelling around the world with our families and we had a team with dozens of technicians, three stages, various trucks... We had acquired a colossal dimension.

Along the way we noticed that lots more people were coming to the shows. And then our venues got changed to bigger places, and we began playing two nights in them. A&M Records were great with us, as they promoted the shit out of the album and gave us every chance. Besides, we lived up to expectations. It was a blast.

Although the 'Breakfast in America' tour was grueling, the 'Paris' album was the best final touch. There was a real gelling of everybody in the tour. We had matured and it was showing, and you can hear it on the live album. There was a great spirit in the band through most of that tour, and I think that at the musical level we were probably at the top of the group's career.