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1975 - Crisis? What Crisis?

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There was somewhat a feeling of pressure going into the preparation stage for this record. We felt rushed having come off the road for the first time in a long time, having chased 'Crime' everywhere. We knew Crime would be a tough act to follow, and were staring down the spectre of the one hit wonder. As has been said, you have 10 years to make your first record, and 10 minutes to make the second.

Rick and Roger especially felt the pressure and probably more so Rick. Roger always has lots of stuff on the bubble, but Rick writes more in the now. We left England behind temporarily and decided to live and record in Los Angeles. We settled into the A&M Studios to record and were somewhat mysterious to the record folks in L.A. You know, these English guys that had made this great record, but remained faceless, very un-popstar, serious music kinda thing. Well, we went in and bang.... got a backing track in about an hour. The word went out ... these guys are amazing.

I think it took us two weeks to get the next one. The cover is blown. The studios are actually right in the heart of A&M. All the business guys right there. We had to put a sign on the studio door [not uncommon] "closed session, please stay out". Well, because we were a friendly bunch of guys everyone thought,... they don't mean me. We eventually moved back to London to finish the record, and I for one was much happier.