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1999 - It Was The Best of Times

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I had a blast on our comeback tour. Performing again in the best venues in the world was great, but also exhausting since we played about five nights a week and all of us ended that tour really tired. In any case, I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of the public everywhere because Supertramp had not toured for nine years and I thought it was all over. Fortunately it was not so, and by playing live again we realized that our audience was still intact, as we were welcomed with wide open arms wherever we went.

My son Jesse made a few rookie mistakes on his first tour with Supertramp, but that was where I saw him come of age. I was very proud of him, hearing him perform so many of our songs so well and receiving such great applauses from the audience. Furthermore, it was really nice to develop with him that strength and complicity which existed between his percussion and my drums, because we both have always had an identical sense of rhythm. Having Jesse on stage and being on the same wavelength as me was just wonderful.

Besides, every time I play at the Royal Albert Hall, it is really emotional for me. I have always fondly remembered the concert we performed at that venue in 1976 only a couple of days after Jesse was born, and unbelievably two decades later we were both on stage together. Needless to say, of course, for me that venue is a very special place to play at.