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Good Man Down

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They´re trying to frame my partner
He was struggling through another show
And as the sell-out crowd was leaving
To finish the evening
He was feeling very low

Above the tinkling champain glasses
The last time we met on the boardwalk
We spoke of dreams and schemes
And things we´d planned to finish
But we knew he couldn´t last

It all seems so sad now
When he looked me in the eye
One last time
Imagine how we felt

I hope that I can carry it
I know that I will never forget
That familiar light in your eye
I´ll see you soon my old friend
I´m sure that my time´s just around the bend
And we´ll sing the songs one more time

I´m sorry I´m not smiling
You can see there´s nothing on my mind
Save the wake for the wind
Next time it rains and thunders
Cryin´-he´s another good man down
He´s another good man down
He´s another good man down

But now the truth is in doubt
Did he take the easy way out?
There are so fewer burdens to go with that role
And who´s to say that he who knows nothin´ really knows
Well I´m wondering