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Christian: Drumming art, perfect touch...

Hi mister Siebenberg.

Just wanted to thank for having given me the true love for drumming and rythms.  When I told a friend of mine, who is professionnal drummer, that my favorite drummer of all times and among all categories was Bob Siebengerg, he told me "Bob Siebenberg is the most underrated drummer of the world"! And He meant it!

You made me "touch" the drum heads, not hit them.  You made me play a musical instrument, not only be a clockwork making sounds...

I would be honnored to shake your hand someday and exchange a few words with you! So whenever you drop by Montreal, Quebec, Canada, gimme a sign! I will be right there!!!

Thanks for all what you did for music and for music lovers!


Thursday, 03 September 2020
tom p: even in the quietest moments tour

Hi, while listening to Supertramp songs recently, I am reminded how much I enjoyed seeing you play the Quiestest Moments  tour.  I was there with a radio station in Ohio I think and watched the first part of the show out front and the second half of the show backstage.  I was completely amazed at how you effortlessly played drums.  Your work has been a big influence on how I approach drumming and wanted to take a moment to say thank you.  I hope you are well and are staying as busy as you want to be.  

Great health and happiness to you, thank you for the great music!





Wednesday, 08 July 2020
Armand Faguy: Give a Little Bit - Original Drum Track

Good day sir, thanks in advance for taking the  time to read my query. This year marks 53 years drumming, and in my formative years as a player I found you...Supertramp came along for the ride! Your style of kick drum to bass guitar taught me lessons I still play with to this day, for that I thank you. My question really has to do with the drum track on "Give a Little Bit". I have recently been restudying the music of my youth, and I was wondering if you could shine a little light on how the 16th note pattern that I am hearing was played. To guess then, I would say it was all hi-hat and snare, but as of late I am hearing what I think is a shaker of some sort going on behind the drum track. I know you were innovative with sounds in the studio back then, as digital recreation was not yet a tool you could use.  I hope that this question is clear enough, I would love it if i could find a drum isolated track, but I think trying to connect with you on here will be more rewarding. I hope you are well in this time of global uncertainty. Thanks again for reading.

Armand Faguy

Hamilton, ON, Canada  

Thursday, 16 April 2020
Bryan Larsen: drum configuration


     I am a drummer in Utah.  I believe your brother may have been my co-workers PE teacher back in the late 70's or early 80s.  I am wondering what your shell configurations/ specs are and how you came to choose the style of drums that you have played over the years.  Your talent is amazing and inspiring.  Thank you.  

Friday, 06 December 2019
Oswald: Birthday

Happy Birthday Bob, you're a nice guy, both musical and personal version :) . Many congratulations and expect more activity from you in the future!

Friday, 02 November 2012
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