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Alberto Fernandez: Thanks Bob

Hi Bob, thanks a lot for the release of Paris DVD. You made us very happy.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012
ian: Thank You

Oy Oy Bob ! How ya diddlin'

Met you at Demontfort Hall , Leicester in UK in 2002. Paul Carrick in support. Never forget the fight in the crown ,. People whacking eachother with umbrellas dont you know ! You kindly gifted a set of your sticks to my two boys . A very special moment.Thank you .I owe you one for that . Perhaps a warm beer next time you pass by the UK. 

Quick question. What is the cover of Slow Motion all about ?

Stay vertical my friend.

Friday, 03 August 2012
Mel Barrett: Crime of the Century

What was it like leaving the studio once Crime of the Century was complete?  I feel like the tapes should have been pulled and the studio burned.  There was simply never going to be a recording like that again!


Thank you!


Monday, 05 August 2019
Peter H: The book

Hey Bob

i would definitely buy your book! The excerpt is great. 

Hope all is well with you. Met you and the  BWYB  version of the group as a teenager in St. John's, Newfoundland in 1985. You were all gents and treated my friends and I with respect and kindness. John and you were especially willing to talk to us. We actually got the nerve to ask you if we could come in for sound check and you said Yes.....but in the end, I think it was your tour manager who said no! So sad!  I will never forget that! Great show by the way...went all three nights :). 

Anyway, good luck with getting the book out. In the meantime I look forward to more excerpts! 


Friday, 28 April 2017
Mike: Supertramp in Sweden 1974

Hi Bob

Mike from Sweden.

I'm amusician,drummer, and I talked with you for about 10? years ago about the drumming of a coomon influence:B.J. Wilson.

Now i would like to ask you about one thing. In 1974 i was invited together with 4 other famous musician by a producer to a rehearsel with a band from UK. We arrived and there was no one there exept for me,the producer(from Vertigo) and my musician collegues and this UK band. When the rehearsel started we were all choked by the amazing sound from the "PA"(at that time ! When the rehearsel was finished I got invited by Roger H. to your dresing room but we did'nt have the time. Later in the evening we were back for the concert and it was "SOLD OUT" on the door but we got in from the security people. The band were supposed to let there new album out in september and I was especially thrilled because someone told me the producer of the album had som connection to The Beatles(Ken Scott).

Well, it was you and the band !! After this i worked with you and the boys when you were in Sweden -76 and -79 and it was really good.


Now my question:I'm writing about this meeting with different internationell acts in Sweden and Scandinavia during the 60s but:Can you please try to find out wich date you were in Stockholm, Sweden in 1974?? I would like to have the date.

Thanks and keep on drumming


Peace & Love 


Tuesday, 17 January 2017
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