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February 2013

Hello all… We are still having a few hiccups regarding the 'Paris' DVD. It’s turned into a spy novel, full of intrigue and unsuspecting twists and turns. We have complied and agreed to everything Roger Hodgson requested by him to become satisfied with the package.

May 2013

Hello everyone... Has it really been three months since I’ve written? So sorry, time flies... First, I’d like to thank again everyone for their correspondence about the 'Paris' DVD. It was a tough slog but we accomplished the goal of getting it out.

July 2012

Hello everyone... After many years, I really am closing in on finishing my third solo album, called 'The Glendale River' as you know. I bought ProTools and baked a bunch of old tapes. Jesse has been helping me and that’s kind of what I needed.

August 2012

Hello all... I have been working with Jesse on 'The Glendale River'. Things are sounding very good and I should be finished in a visit or two. Then it will be mixed at Brotheryn studios by Jason Mariani. He was Jay Messina's ProTools guy on 'Slow Motion'.