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"Glendale River" - New album on sale now!

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“GLENDALE RIVER”, Bob’s latest album, is on sale!


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Bob Siebenberg has finished his long-awaited third solo record, which is available for download. The album has been produced by Bob and his son Jesse, and it has counted on the collaboration of some old pals like Scott Gorham and Derek Beauchemin. “My idea for this album is auto-biographical”, says Bob. “The Glendale River is not a place. It represents people who have passed thru my life in a meaningful way. Family and friends, some with us, some not. I have strong ties to my growing up years. I’m a sentimentalist and I remember everything”.

Read this interview where Bob discusses his new album!

1. Opening (1:14)
2. Glendale River (6:01)
3. Crazy In The Dark (5:04)
4. Paradise (7:08)
5. Jake (3:12)
6. Hometown Boy (5:04)
7. Massapequa (3:14)
8. New Laughs For Old (3:41)
9. Two Fools (3:54)
10. In My Dream (7:01)
11. To Shine On Endlessly (5:41)
12. Tribute (5:16)