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Bob Siebenberg - Interviews

The Logical Web (May 2011)

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May 2011

QUESTION: How was touring again with Supertramp 8 years later?

BOB: This tour was a lot of fun and went by really quick. Historically, we’ve done long tours. This was a piece a cake. I had a great time. We had good energy and chemistry.

QUESTION: Did you miss playing with the band?

BOB: I always miss the guys when I don’t see them for so long. I get unhappy when I don’t see Cliff or John for a long time.

QUESTION: What main differences did you notice between the 2002 and 2010 tours?

BOB: Well, Mark wasn’t with us, and Gabe, Cassie and Lee were. I thought Jesse coming up front more was cool.

QUESTION: Why did the band decide to add a female singer, Cassie Miller, for the first time in Supertramp history?

BOB: It was Rick’s call. He is a real ‘why not’ kind of guy.

QUESTION: What do you think about her contribution?

BOB: She’s cool to be around and has a great voice. Fit in with the guys well, and better looking than John. It was good to hear those high harmonies being hit easily.

QUESTION: The set-list for this tour was great, and many people loved the new versions of songs like “You started laughing”, “Poor boy” and “Gone Hollywood”, but… Why did you use only songs from 1974 to 1985 for a tour which was commemorating the period 1970-2010?

BOB: Again, Rick’s call.

QUESTION: Supertramp played great shows in Coruña, Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona… Was there something special at any of those Spanish concerts that you can remember?

BOB: I love being in Spain. I had never really had a chance to see the Gothic area in Barcelona until this time. If I can get a travelling vacation in, I will definitely go back to Barcelona. The other places were real in and out shows. We have been to these places before and I know they’re cool spots.

QUESTION: Is there any chance to play again in Spain this year?

BOB: I don’t think we’ll be in Spain again this year, but I would come back in a heartbeat.

QUESTION: When the band played in Madrid we gave you a book including a timeline of your musical career, the list of all your shows with Supertramp, and a lot of photographs from your whole life… What did it mean to you?

BOB: It meant a lot, although it’s a little unreal. I can’t believe it was me doing all that work and being in all those places. It’s amazing to have it all right there in front of me… How many hotel beds have I slept in?

QUESTION: You will tour Canada very soon, and then travel to Europe to play in France and Monaco… When will you start the rehearsals for this leg of the tour?

BOB: We’ll start rehearsal a couple of days before the first show. We’re all in good shape. Just need a tune up.

QUESTION: Will be any changes in the band or in the set-list?

BOB: As far as I know, it’ll be the same or very similar set-list. No changes in the band.

QUESTION: Some months ago the deluxe edition of “Breakfast in America” was released… Do you know when will be released the deluxe edition of “Crime of the century”, including the DVD with the Hammersmith Odeon show in 1975?

BOB: Yes, this edition of “Crime” is getting pretty close to release.

QUESTION: And what about the long expected “Paris” DVD from 1979, which we have campaigned for at THE LOGICAL WEB?

BOB: Barring any unforeseen, it should be along pretty soon as well.

QUESTION: A lot of fans in the world are enjoying those deluxe editions, but many others would like to get some new stuff from the band… Is there any chance to release a new album?

BOB: I’m glad people are enjoying these new releases. We’ve worked hard on them to try and give people what they deserve. I wouldn’t hold my breath on a new album, but you never know.

QUESTION: What are your plans after the new leg of the tour?

BOB: After this leg of the tour, I will go to my home in Mexico.

QUESTION: You and John Helliwell have worked again with Rick Davies despite there were some legal issues between you and him some years ago… What is the problem with Roger Hodgson which prevents him joining the band once more time?

BOB: No comment.

QUESTION: What is your point of view about the complaints from Roger Hodgson regarding the use of his songs during the Supertramp shows?

BOB: No comment.

QUESTION: This month we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of THE LOGICAL WEB… What are your feelings about your Spanish fans?

BOB: As I said, I love being in Spain. I hope we continue to come back and do shows there for a very long time to come. I will definitely be back in Barcelona someday.

QUESTION: Could you please send a message to all of them?

BOB: Thanks for being great fans and your continuing support of Supertramp. Being in Spain is great. We’ll always come back.