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September 2014

Hello everyone... Sorry for the time away. I’ve had a busy summer with lots of travel. I spent most of the summer in Mexico and watched two hurricanes come thru. Lots of wild weather and monsoon type rain. I love that kind of weather.

We don’t get the full force brunt of the storm just the outer bands, but still, it’s pretty wild. We had huge surf, but too unorganized for surfing.

On “The Glendale River” front, again I can only report that it’s not finished. The studio, Brotheryn Studios, has been very busy. My stuff is being mixed around their schedule. It’s not far away, but not finished either. My artwork is near completion so once the music is ready, the other elements will be in place.

I plan on coaching the Varsity baseball team this spring and have been busy working on the baseball field. I love that type of work. It’s great exercise and keeps me busy and out of trouble and out of the house.

I’ll try to be more consistent in my communication. I wish everyone the best, thanks for being interested. I hope I can report some Supertramp activity one of these times. I have heard nothing as of yet. Fingers crossed.