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June 2014

Hello all... I just came back from a little visit with my pal Scott Gorham. I tagged along and saw three gigs in three days from Fresno, thru Los Angeles and onto San Juan Capistrano while they were on tour. Some of you may know he has been in Thin Lizzy since about 1975.

He has toured with them over the last several years with various ex-members and some great new musicians. This existing line-up has been stable for a long while and became solidified with this relatively new to the band drummer.

Because of some contractual handcuffs, they cannot record as Thin Lizzy, so Scott decided to call it something else. The singer and collaborator and undeniable force, Ricky Warwick, came up with Black Star Riders.

The line-up is Scott Gorham (guitar and vocals), Marco Mendoza (bass and vocals), Damon Johnson (guitar and vocals), Ricky Warwick (guitar and lead vocals) and Jimmy Degrasso (drums and percussion). Great musicianship by a bunch of guys who have been around the block more than a few times. A very high credibility factor with these guys.

They have an album out called 'All Hell Breaks Loose'. There are a lot of great songs on this album, and if you were a Lizzy fan, musically it is a logical place for them to be after all these years.

This post is to let you this is a must see band. They are powerful and a force to be reckoned with. The real thing. They perform an even selection of their new stuff and the Lizzy stuff and it kicks ass.

Phil Lynott lives for sure, but this is the best it has ever been.

Adios… Surf's up!