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December 2013

Hello everyone... Time for an update. I know I’m always overdue, and Abel bugs me until I do it (thanks, Abel). Well, let’s see… I’ll start with the success of the ‘Paris’ DVD. It reached the status of platinum in France and is closing in on achieving similar rewards in many different places.

So much for “inferior product” and “should’ve been kept in the vault”, as stated by some. Thank you everyone for supporting this historical document and not falling for the onslaught of early negativity.

Jesse has been busy traveling most of the summer and fall with Lissie. I’ll be seeing him at Christmas along with his wife Shelly. My daughter Victoria will also visit with her husband Hal and their two little girls. Victoria is expecting their third child in January.

Now that Jesse is home we will be able to wrap up ‘The Glendale River’. Only a couple of days in the studio should do it. We’re that close. Thank you for your patience. I’m looking forward to it finally being finished.

I had a great spring and summer and into the fall playing with Todd Hannigan. We’re going in to record early in the year. We played a lot of shows supporting a new film by Dan Malloy. He’s one of the Malloy Brother’s who are very well known in the surf world. Todd and Jesse do a lot of the music for their films at Brotheryn Studios, a studio owned and operated by Todd, Jesse, and Jason Mariani. They won a Grammy for the sound mixing of Mumford & Sons extended live music video. Well done, guys!

The Malloys are sponsored by Patagonia to achieve these films. We played at several ‘openings’ for the film from San Diego to San Francisco. Little theaters stuffed with interested people, mainly surfers. Always a great time is had by all. I love playing these small shows. Nothing big deal about them, no stress, no tension… Just friends playing cool music.

Todd plays a lot of shows by himself. As a way to distinguish between Todd by himself, or with the band, we decided to call ourselves Sleeping Chief. So for now we are called Todd Hannigan & Sleeping Chief. Eventually, we hope people will get that Sleeping Chief is Todd Hannigan and become simply Sleeping Chief.

Please look into the page and you will see that CDs are available now with signed covers. I am grateful to Abel and Juan for always taking care of this site for me. I think they are doing a great job of keeping it fresh and interesting.

I am in Mexico at the moment enjoying the weather and the water. I’ll be returning to California soon for all those happy little faces at Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone,