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May 2013

Hello everyone... Has it really been three months since I’ve written? So sorry, time flies... First, I’d like to thank again everyone for their correspondence about the 'Paris' DVD. It was a tough slog but we accomplished the goal of getting it out.

It looks like a few problem areas are clearing up and I hope it will be more available for viewing and purchasing than in the beginning. The truth of its quality winning out in the end. And I would also like to thank all of you have purchased one, and in some cases both of my solo albums. I hope you enjoy them. Lots of memories contained therein.

I know I have been saying this for a long time, but my newest effort is coming along well and sounding really good (to me anyway!), and some should be available for listening pretty soon. I guess I’ll just stick it out there on iTunes and hope for the best. I think the days of a ‘record deal’ are long gone. I will make CDs and have artwork available for those who wish to hold it in their hand as well.

Remember the good old days of having a full sized record sleeve and a vinyl disc? I used to stare at those covers while listening to the music and wondering “What kind of world is this? It sure would be cool to be part of that”.

When I was about 16-17, I was in a band called The Ilford Subway. After a gig one night these guys came up to us and said they liked our band and we were just talking. They were from a band called The Knack, not the ‘My Sharona’ guys. I had met one or two of them a couple years earlier in Hollywood while in The Lost Souls. They were telling us this night that they had gotten really popular in France and would travel there to play. I thought ”Man, that would be cool to be popular in France”... And you know what? I learned that it was really cool to be popular in France. Life is strange.

The book I have been working on is taking shape and is something I have found I really enjoy working on. It’s good for the brain and very therapeutic. It covers a lot of ground and so many experiences come flooding back. The process of remembering in detail puts me into these periods where I found myself staring out the window in another world. Just like when I was in school! It’ll be some time before I decide whether this is a real project or a whim. Either way I’m enjoying the process.

I continue to play live music with Jesse and Todd Hannigan and a couple of very good players. Look up Todd Hannigan and you’ll get a sense of the music we play.

At this time there are no plans to tour with Supertramp. I am hoping we at least go out and do some corporate shows like we did last November. It’s a shame we don’t play more. All the guys in the band are always ready to go, just waiting for Rick to feel like pulling the trigger.

So, happy spring and summer everyone. Til next time,