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February 2013

Hello all… We are still having a few hiccups regarding the 'Paris' DVD. It’s turned into a spy novel, full of intrigue and unsuspecting twists and turns. We have complied and agreed to everything Roger Hodgson requested by him to become satisfied with the package.

It had nothing to do with audio or visual. It was simply color coding for who wrote what and changes to the text in the booklet. Apparently it didn’t say enough about him. So we added what he wanted, none of it was a big deal.

In terms of his public rant and grievances, there was lots of miscommunication. He was right about a couple of things and wrong to say a couple of things. I can’t point fingers and won’t. It just should have been a lot easier. In the past I felt like blasting him, but publicly never did. As the truth came clear things changed.  I have personally apologized to Roger for some things and not for some things. When you’re right you’re right, and when you’re not you’re not.

Now it’s time to get back on the good foot and hope Roger will lift the restrictions for YouTube viewing, TV broadcast, and some problems with releases in some territories. The ball is still in his court.

My personal work is getting really close. It’s just bits and pieces to do now. I’m narrowing down the content and working on an order. Jesse is traveling with a girl who fronts her band called Lissie. Go see them if you can. It’s a cool thing. They’ll be in Europe for a few weeks in February. He plays drums, keyboards and lap steel.

Upon his return we’ll get back together and try to push the songs home and get them mixed. What a haul! Some of these tunes have been transformed from their original sound. It’ll be interesting to see the whole picture once it gets lined up.

Unluckily, 'The Legends Tour' has been called off. Simple economics I think. It’s pretty tough out there. It’s disappointing. I for one was really looking forward to meeting up with all these people I have never met. I would have loved to play some Jethro Tull tunes, and especially play 'In the Court of the Crimson King' with John Wetton. I was looking forward to playing 'Albatross' with Jeremy Spencer and a few more with a few different guys. And to be able to hang out with John Helliwell for any time at all is something to look forward to.

Unfortunately, I have heard nothing about a new Supertramp tour. Everybody is ready to go, we just have to wait til Rick gets the burn.

I’m in Mexico now, weather is warm and waves are good.