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August 2012

Hello all... I have been working with Jesse on 'The Glendale River'. Things are sounding very good and I should be finished in a visit or two. Then it will be mixed at Brotheryn studios by Jason Mariani. He was Jay Messina's ProTools guy on 'Slow Motion'.

Jesse has contributed so much to this project, playing several instruments and being a pal eager to help me finish.

My idea for 'The Glendale River' is auto-biographical. The Glendale River is not a place; it represents people who have passed thru my life in a meaningful way. Family and friends, some with us, some not. I have strong ties to my growing up years. I’m a sentimentalist and I remember everything. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in this. It’s a long time coming, but I won’t rush it now…

Most of you probably already know that the long awaited and very controversial film of our Paris shows in 1979 is due to be released on Eagle Entertainment at the end of August, everywhere but North America. We are still working on getting it released in this territory. It looks great and sounds really great.

At this moment there are no plans for touring with Supertramp, but we are doing some corporate shows that will keep us ticking over and ready for whatever comes down the pipe.