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May 2019

Hello everybody... So here’s the thing. You know I’m glad you are interested in what’s going on in my life and am grateful for you interest. I feel guilty for not writing more and I know it’s been a long time since I have written but here goes.

I would write more about the band, but there is really very little to write about… Rick seems to be doing well and I’m very happy to see that he is once again able to get out there and play. I’m sure it feels like an accomplishment for him and gives him a sense of coming all the way back. Nothing to communicate about Roger.

Dougie’s house in the Caribbean took quite a damaging hit in the hurricane and he is spending quite a lot of time looking after repairs. John cruises. We all communicate taking care of the ongoing business that is Supertramp. There is always some kind of wrinkle that needs to be dealt with.

As for me, I have just finished another season of coaching high school varsity baseball. We had a great season, because of a lot of great kids. Our record was 23 wins and only 6 losses. We got beat just two days ago playing for the Central Valley Championship 2-1. Very tight well played game. Very proud of our players. We have one player moving on to pitch at Division One West Point and another going onto Sonoma State in California. Several others to Junior Colleges all to play baseball.

I put some of my book on my Facebook page if you want to get a glimpse. Just finishing touches now. I’m also thinking of putting out an EP of some new music.

I will be leaving with my wife Gayle to spend some extended time in Mexico. The only thing that keeps us away from spending more time is kids, grandkids and baseball. We get away every chance we get. Quiet, warm and beautiful. Get back in the water and forget about everything for a little while.

Jesse’s little boy William is 4 years old and a crack up. Jesse is expecting his second end of June. Jesse stays incredibly busy working on all kinds of projects with all kinds of people. Victoria has three girls and now the oldest is 12. Hard to believe. Their family has now opened a wine tasting room for their own wine ‘Volatus’ in Paso Robles. Everyone is well and happy.

I will try to do better on contributing to the page. My apologies.

Best and heads up,