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October 2016

Hello all... It’s been a busy couple of months for me. The band I play in with Jesse has been playing in a great variety of venues. We do a few fundraising shows among them being ‘Save The Wave’, a fantastic organization that puts a focus on activity that will spoil coastline use all over the world.

They raise money to fight developers being able to build resorts on otherwise pristine surfing locations. They’ve just been able to stop just such a thing happening in Ecuador. We also played for a group called ‘Forest Watch’, an organization that helps protect and maintain the forests in California. It’s satisfying to be around so many like minded people.

I’ve not heard much about Rick’s health recently but I have been told he is in remission and getting stronger every day. Great news. I miss him very much. John has also had a mishap whilst riding his bike. He was attacked by a neighbor’s dog and suffered a very nasty bite to the leg. Drop him a line and wish him well.

I continue to coach baseball here in my hometown and stay very busy working on the field and coaching a summer ball program. These kids are great and it keeps me young. I owe them a lot. I love my town.

When time allows I escape to Mexico for some hammock time and surf the days away. It is beautiful there and I always feel blessed to have this hideaway. Just me and the Mrs.

Please don’t forget that my album is available. I hope you give it a listen and check out the liner notes and photos. It’s a pretty personal record and I am very proud of it.

Some of you may have heard that I have been writing a book. It’s about my life in and out of Supertramp. It’s just coming out of its editing stage and will become available when appropriate. It is not a tell all dirty laundry sort of affair. It is an account of my journey from being a kid born in Glendale, California and how my path led me to London, England and back to California. Raising children and watching my house burn down.

It’s full of great stories and an honest look at life in Supertramp thru my eyes. I think it’s a fascinating look at what happens along the way to someone like me. How I got here from there. Being in my first band at 11 years old playing Surf music and Motown all pre-Beatle. The Hollywood Sunset Strip scene in the 60’s. Vietnam, Drug Culture, Surf and Music. Possibilities opening up because of the arrival on TV of the Beatles. Growing up with Scott Gorham and our adventures and eventual disenchantment with Los Angeles and moving to London, the land of my musical heroes.

The story of eventually hooking up with two guys who didn’t have two nickels to rub together and all of us taking that beautiful ride. Some of the situations you find yourself in and ‘how did I get here?’ Flying out of cities after a show and looking down at enormous traffic jams caused by YOU AND YOUR BAND. Some insight on how our songs came to be and a look at the long process of them getting to your turntable. The work it takes to promote and the atmosphere of touring in the 70’s and beyond and how things changed internally and externally. My thoughts on drumming and my relationships with the guys.

The 70’s was a unique time in music and we were certainly in the thick of it. A great cast of characters taking great music around the world.