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June 2016

Hello everyone... Apologies again for the delay in writing something, but I’ve really been flying around. Let’s start with the baseball season. Our team did very well this year. We are a young team of very talented players. We had three players chosen to the All League First Team, two freshman and a sophomore.

That is quite an achievement in our league. We went to the Playoffs this year winning in the first round but defeated in the second round. The Program is improving. Coaching this team keeps me very busy from January until the middle of May.

It seems as if many of you are enjoying ‘The Glendale River’. I had someone suggest and hope that I will issue a CD. That is in the works and should accomplish this very soon.

I have been doing some recording with Jesse with an artist he produces named Max Kasch. Obviously I like this guy’s music and maybe make inquiries to Jesse.

I have also been playing pretty steady with Todd Hannigan. He is talking about making an album sometime in the near future. I’ll keep you posted.

I will not be joining Jesse and John and the rest of the cast for the upcoming ‘Excalibur’ Tour. My schedule is swamped for that time of year.

Rick is doing well. He is in remission and has gained the strength to be able to sit and play the piano. I’m sure you will join me in saying a big hallelujah.

Jesse and Tori’s kids keep me hopping and are the most delightful creatures on Earth. I can’t get enough.

Til next time,