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December 2012

Hello all... Sorry I’ve been a little out of touch recently. I hope you have all had a very Happy Christmas. The 'Paris' DVD has been doing well. Thanks to everyone who has responded so positively. I’ll be posting an update on its status regarding Roger’s monkey wrench public furiosity soon.

'The Glendale River' is nearing completion, but it is pretty slow going. I rely pretty heavily on Jesse and his ProTools skills. He is a lot busier than I am, so I work around his availability. I’ve got him for several days in January so we’ll nudge it along.

The corporate show that we did in Madrid went off without a hitch. It was great to see all the guys and Rick was in fine form, obviously enjoying the hang and playing music. We hope there will be more opportunities for us in the New Year.

Is anyone surprised the world didn’t end last week? I continue to peck away at my memoir, and am closing in on its completion as well. It’s a process I really enjoy.

I’ll be off to Mexico soon; the weather here is too cold for me. I’ll be back in the water soon! Thanks everyone, enjoy the day and look out for the other guy...

All the best,