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So many oceans, so many roads
So many choices for a young man on his own
Sailors and soldiers caught out in the cold
Til the clouds make way for a shining star
To light our way on home

And when my sails were torn and empty
And my hopes had washed downstream
You were the light ahead that turned around
To guide me to my dream

Well now your light has faded
To a distant memory
And the harbor lies in darkness
Where the sailor quit the sea

And I wish I could have thanked
You just to hear you laugh at me
Cause you never did believe in heroes
But you can't deny that you believed in dreams

Until we finally find our passage
Across their great divide
No man can say for sure what
Waits for him on the other side

Sailors and soldiers
Captains and kings
Heroes and villians
Beggars and thieves

But you can only hope to know the sailor
Thru the songs the sailor sings
And leave the rest to be revealed
Somewhere in a place beyond these things