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Phil Westcott: Website

Very nice website! Hope you are enjoying Mexico! Is the water warm?


Saturday, 16 February 2013
Pascal: Merci

Thank You !

Fan depuis 1983 j'avais 16 ans quand je vous ai découvert depuis je ne vous ai plus quitté !

Je vous adore

Bonsoir Paris......



Wednesday, 13 February 2013
FULVIO 1966: bob cd's

Just received your two solo cd's: very agreeable music and sincerely in my opinion they're "first class easy listening", not too close with supertramp music!! Get well soon from Italy!!

Saturday, 26 January 2013
Marco Alves: friend

I admire you guys since the first album. I have 53 years live in São Paulo. I've been in show of you in 1988. I bought the dvd yesterday show that paris is something spectacular. Recalled moments of my teenage surfing dating and packed for their songs.  Big hug and thank you for the inspiration of their music.  When you guys come to Brazil again??


Sunday, 20 January 2013
Mark: Live in Paris DVD impressions

Hey Bob,

Reason for my post is that I finally got a copy of the "Live in Paris" DVD and it is outstanding.

Kudos to you, John, and Dougie for getting this "out there" for fans. Thoughts:

- This is a special concert for me to see and have, as I saw my very first ST concert only a few weeks removed from the Paris concerts reflected in this DVD...I went with my mom and my older brother to one of the sold-out gigs in Berlin in late 1979 -- my very first rock concert and this brought back memories from (gulp...) 33 years ago!

- Versatility of all five musicians is amazing: Little things like seeing Dougie and Helliwell even taking their turns at keyboards during varied songs, as well as Roger and Rick effortlessly moving between layers of keyboard, vocals, guitar, harmonica, etc.

- Your drumming has always been under-appreciated, but you guy can flat-out play! No crazy Neal Peartesgue solos, but you guy are a rock.

- This gig really reaffirmed to me that there really aren't "Rick Songs" or "Roger Songs," but that the whole band made it work...big contributions from all on just about every tune...except for a couple nice solo acoustic tunes by Roger (quietest moments and two of us).

- Everyone in the band comes across in grand/fine form, sounding great, etc. so it's puzzling and disappointing to have seen the pissy rants from Roger's management team. Roger is an amazing artist and will hopefully break free from the stuff that distracts from his talent.

Anyhow, encourage everyone to get one...I found mine on

Happy Holidays from Seattle,

Thursday, 03 January 2013
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