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Ventura County Star (June 2012)

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June 2012

Fathers have effect on kids' careers, often without knowing it. Ojai musician-composer Jesse Siebenberg's toys were his dad's musical instruments, which he mastered to the point that he went on tour with his dad.

Jesse, 35, was steeped in his dad's music from an early age. "When he was about 4, I bought him a Toys’R’Us drum set for Christmas", said Siebenberg's dad, Bob Siebenberg, 62, drummer for the British rock band Supertramp. "He demolished it in a day".

Music is a tie that binds. Jesse ultimately got the hang of the drums and many other instruments, including guitar and keyboard. "I had a studio in my home and lots of instruments around" Bob said. "He was playing piano at 6. It was always pretty obvious he had this gift".

"It was a stimulating scene for a kid. It was a bunch of top-notch musicians even making music or listening to records", said Jesse, who now co-owns a recording studio in Ojai and toured with his dad and Supertramp for 14 years after he turned 20.

Jesse was about 5 or 6 when he and his dad were listening to rhythm and blues saxophone giant King Curtis at Fillmore West in Northern California. Jesse remembers watching his dad's face as Bob listened.

"It was a different look than I'd ever seen", Jesse said. "I think it hooked me into music for life, right there. I think it was because he was really in it, but in a humbled way. We listened to all sorts of stuff, but only certain albums made you really just stare and block everything else out".

Jesse made a few "rookie mistakes" when they first went on tour, Bob said, but he's seen his son blossom. "To see him standing up in front and performing some of our tunes so well and to great reception and applause has been a source of great pride", Bob said.

Jesse said his dad has always been an active participant in his and his sister Victoria's lives."We talk and see each other often, mostly due to his efforts, I'm not proud to say", Jesse said, adding: "I'll call soon, Pop!".