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April 2014

Hello all... Not much to report, but thank you for the interest in what’s going on. I have finished ‘The Glendale River’ and am just waiting for the mixes to be finished. Jason Mariani is doing them at Jesse’s Brotheryn Studios where he is partners with Jason and Todd Hannigan.

They won a Grammy last year for the sound production work they did on Mumford & Sons live video. They do great work and I’m looking forward to hearing Jason’s take on the tunes. Jesse met Jason while working on ‘Slow Motion’ with Rick in Long Island. He was Jay Messina’s ProTools guy. Jesse convinced him to come west and a future partnership was born.

I’ll be going to Hawaii in July to play with Todd Hannigan and the guys at the opening of the Surf Film Festival at the Doris Duke Theater. This is with our band Sleeping Chief. Cool opportunity to go see these films and meet some of these people. Todd Hannigan has been connected to this fraternity for many, many years. Should be a great time.

I have been spending this spring once again coaching high school baseball. As some of you may know, I have a long history with Yosemite High School and its baseball program. I find it very rewarding spending time with kids this age and hopefully making a difference to the program and their young lives.

I try to be a good influence and try to pass on some life lessons about the world out there. I have a pretty unique perspective that these kids don’t normally run into and being a ‘rock star’ gives me pretty good street cred.

It keeps me active and in good shape, and the kids are a riot. They’ve all got something going. They’re all good kids fighting their way thru home lives and hormones and being 16-17-18 years old. It’s as much counseling as coaching.

No word from Rick about anything. Roger continues to be a source of aggravation. John and Dougie are doing well, we communicate often. 'Live in Paris 79' DVD is still in the Top 30.

So, there you are, a snapshot of what’s going on for me… Thanks everyone for picking up copies of my last two records, and the third one is on the way.