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July 2012

Hello everyone... After many years, I really am closing in on finishing my third solo album, called 'The Glendale River' as you know. I bought ProTools and baked a bunch of old tapes. Jesse has been helping me and that’s kind of what I needed.

There has been a few snags with the 5.1 for the Hammersmith film on the 'Crime of the Century' deluxe and super-deluxe packages. Ken Scott is on schedule to finish it up shortly. Then it's in the hands of the record company.

I haven’t heard much about touring plans for Supertramp, although I know Rick’s management is very interested in doing corporate shows. We’ll see what turns up. It will keep the band up and running and ready for whatever.

The Legends Tour a few of us are going to do is being rescheduled for April 2013. It will include John, Jesse, Cliff Hugo and myself.

I play with a great songwriter named Todd Hannigan. We have a great band, with Jesse in its line-up. I played on his last two albums, check them out. Check out Jesse’s web page and go to Brotheryn Studios to see where and with whom this work is done. Great bunch of guys and players.

I’ll be heading for Mexico soon. Go surfing, and do some writing. When something interesting comes up, I’ll be back on here.